In reference to the village of Villié-Morgon nestled in the heart of the Beaujolais Cru area, Morgon is fashioned by 250 winemakers. It is clothed in deep garnet and gives off ripe stone fruit aromas including cherry, peach, apricot and plum. Well-built, this rich powerful and fleshy wine has the biggest vineyard after Brouilly and expresses all the characteristics of its terroir. Overlooked by Mont du Py, the plots of "roche pourrie" (rotten rock) made up of very ancient schist and eruptive rock are shared between 6 very distinct named vineyards or 'climats', the most famous of which is Côte du Py. This wine to lay down is suited to 5 to 10 years' cellaring, Morgon is maybe the Cru that best expresses its terroir. So much so that the winemakers here have invented a special word to describe what it does on reaching it peak; Morgon is said to "morgonne". A verb that has been adopted by many wine specialists. (source Interbeaujolais)