Beaujolais Villages


1 250 winemakers give life to Beaujolais-Villages, the first appellation in France to have used the term "villages". In 38 communes in the Rhône and Saône-et-Loire departments and 3 geographical zones with marked specificities, these fruity, fleshy wines reflect the characteristics of the terroirs they came from. The fruit of granitic and sandy soils, Beaujolais-Villages have an intense robe with cherry to garnet tints and aromas of red fruit with blackcurrant and strawberry at the fore. Though a third of production is sold as Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau, the appellation also stands up very well to its rank of cellaring wine. (Interbeaujolais)

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Beaujolais Villages César

Le BEAUJOLAIS VILLAGES CESAR est un vin élégant, convivial  accompagne avec bonheur et...