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Wine grower craftsman's job, we keep the passion.

Wines of the domaine gathered under 3 naming REGNIE, MORGON, BEAUJOLAIS VILLAGES, arise from a traditional wine making.
This process favors the expression of the soil.

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Vigneron independant



A vineyard made up of slopes

Extending along 55 Km from south to north, the Beaujolais region is enclosed between Lyon and Mâcon. Leaning up against the last foothills of the Massif Central to the west, the region seems to slide eastwards down to the Saône River plain. In our vineyard, vines closely carpet the slopes that change colour with the seasons. Clinging to the gentle to not so gentle gradients of our hills, the vines are never planted on the plain so that nothing of the excellent sunshine and luminosity we have here is lost. While the soils they send their roots down into also contribute their many qualities.

Generally northeast to southwest fac-ing, the rows of vines coat the Beaujolais hills at an average height above sea level of 300 m under peaks that go up as far as 1000m. Influenced by this topog-raphy, where water abounds, Beaujolais vinegrowing fits itself to the singular geological characteristics here including shallow limestone-clay and sandstone soils in the south, crystalline soils that are light and acidic on the heights and granitic terrain in the north.